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ICCD is a global commercialization brokerage program that offers your inventions to foreign investors and provides consultancy on all kinds of issues you need while doing this.

The inventions you have created as a result of great efforts have difficulty reaching the global dimension. Thanks to ICCD innovation hunters, each of whom specializes in inventions, R&D, innovation and commercialization ecosystem, your inventions are presented to relevant investors.

Thanks to the network created in more than 160 countries on 5 continents, the innovation hunter of each region can examine your inventions and easily match you with the relevant investor of their region.

ICCD does not only offer you the opportunity to meet investors.It gives consultancy you on all relevant issues you need, educates and makes you ready for investors.

To benefit from the world's largest commercialization network, you can contact us immediately and increase the chances of your invention being commercialized on a global scale.

The World is not big as you think. Join us and discover World Invention & Innovation Commercialization Ecosystem.

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