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Permanent supervisors ,who have expertise in each vertical, and the mentors under their responsibility start a long journey with the entrepreneur after the acceptance to the program.


Entrepreneurs are supported with consultancy services about Intellectual Property, Finance, Law, Project Management and Technical Issues in the targeted path.


It is aimed that the enterprise will have met the investor with the highest qualifications by completing the deficiencies with the training, in accordance with the requirement analysis of the entrepreneur.


Enterprise accepted into the ICCD; Supported with Investor & Entrepreneur Meetings, Regional Commercialization Meetings, Entrepreneur & Mentor Meetings, Demo Days,  National and International Fairs.


Meet with the Global Industry Organizations, Individual Investors, Business Angels, Venture Capital Funds, Investment Capital Institutions.


Commercialization is the main focus of the ICCD Program.


ICCD is a global startup&innovator development and commercialization service that builds bridges between entrepreneur and investors. The main focus of ICCD is to reveal the potential of the enterprise to the highest possible level and to ensure access to financial resources. 

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